Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Life never Changes

Ok so that getting up early nonsense happened all of 2 days. Yeah the geek husband SAYS he's been telling me to do that for years. Whatever the man can't change who I am...trust me he's tried for for 15 years now...and maybe even a little before that and the dumb ass married me anyways. So why change now? I will continue to set the alarm for 7:15ish....and get up at 7:45ish....ok 8!
Oh and the whole internet fast....yeah failed at that miserably too. I mean I've still been able to limit it, so I'm on less than I was before the fast but I'm still on more than I should be. Like for instance tonight I literally had 4 IM's going at once....for about 20 minutes it was a mad house, my screen was going crazy. That hasn't happened in years. Back in the day I'd do it all the time, but then we all got responsible and were online less....so IM doesn't happen as often, but tonight holy crap! I was able to hold my own and keep up with everyone so I still got it in me. Ok this is for my friend Dave.....who likes to stump me via e-mail with song lyrics.....this song has very distict lyrics and I was so pissed today cause I didn't get this one right away.

He found it to be quite amusing that he stumped me....whatever....I'll never forget it now!

Ok the next few photo's were going to be held off till Saturday...but tomorrow is practice, so why not show them off now. I present to you Pinewood '07......
Ok the Pink car is not Perry's....geez....his is the super cool Lightning McQueen one he and daddy built. Daddy was kind enough to cut and sand mine, then I pimped it out.

There you have it Pimped out Pinewood. I'll let you know how she runs...usually the pretty ones aren't too fast...but I requested that she be aerodynamic, so she can be pretty and fast....Perry's is just dang smooth.....they outdid themselves. With Cars being the newest craze, I'd be shocked if there wasn't at least one more Lightning. Ron has already informed me that he will not weigh in my pink car at practice or the day of the race. Apparently a pink car can burn a manly mans hands.....I just might be appalling with my pink car to the serious Pinewood racers.....Can't wait!

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Stacie said...

I can't wait to show this to the boys ;)

And? Your cars ROCKS.