Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Integrity depends on Consistency

HOLY COW....are you kidding me? I mean this is so good I am going to have to quote it directly from Beth's study guide. We are so living this, right now! Me and so many people I know. It's all about consistency!

"The lifeblood of integrity is becoming the same person no matter where we are, no matter who's around. When we become the people of integrity, everything we are on the inside is obvious from the outside. The Latin word for "integrity" literally means "entire." The essence of the term is wholeness and completeness. Integrity is "the quality or state of being complete or undivided." You can see therefor, how much integrity depends on consistency. Integrity not only calls us to live inside-out, it keeps the outside from coming in. Consistency in our walk and in our talk becomes a transportable cloak of protection around us, going anywhere we go. Life becomes so much simpler when there aren't so many costume changes."

Could those words not be more amazing? Could they not speak volumes. I think it's important to be culturally relevant, so the world doesn't pass you by, or to be aware what are kids are being bombarded with. However it's a constant balance to be culturally relevant and consumed by the culture we live in. But back to the whole integrity thing. I have been one to live with integrity my whole life. That doesn't mean I did not and have not fallen from grace a time or twenty. It seems though God has called me to a higher purpose, and when I feel the need to "keep up with the Jone's", or do what is blatantly not part of Gods plans, something generally goes terribly wrong. So apparently God knows what he is doing. That quote I need to plaster everywhere to remind me what God has called me to be....and to be consistent....
Ok so this weeks study, just about made my brain blow out my ears. Anytime I study anything that directly connects to the endtimes, I'm slightly creeped out, yet intrigued all at the same time, and I want to know more. God puts me in those kind of situations time and time again. Good stuff....

Oh at first I thought Beth Moore calling me "beloved" would creep me out almost like getting a hug, well I'm getting used to it, and I am getting used to hugs.....shhh....that doesn't not give you permission to be hugging all up on me, so back off whoever you are....crazy hugging fools!


Teresa Gordon said...

Hold on to your seat. Beth Moore takes you on a ride. The Bible will come alive for you.

Lisa Lang said... this your first Beth Moore?? I start this same study next Weds. I'm so excited. She speaks to women like no other.You will learn to love her "southern-ness". As for "Beloved"..she doesn't say it anywhere near as much as Kay Arthur. :)