Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Better Place

God must have heard my screams, since each day seems to be getting better and I'm coming out of my funk. Not to mention I prayed that I'd get my butt out of bed earlier so I'm not so rushed in the morning. And it's happened the past 2 morning and it's so nice not to be rushed. Each morning I've been taking a few minute to thank God for making me get out of bed. Perry's probably thanking God to so I'm not rushing him around like a nut.

Perry was so pleasant this evening too. He took some afternoon meds which was a great help, we argued less, and he focused more. He started his God and Me study at church tonight, I think this will be so good for him to have a mentor who will share God with him one on one. One thing about being so busy 5 days out of he week, the week goes by so fast. Not that I desire to speed up time, or my life but getting through the week to Friday is a good thing, so the mean purples are gone (thank God) they faded into the mean reds, and I think those are now "somewhat irritated pinks". Now I need a color for not stressed and happy.....hummm...what color? I'll let you pick....


Michelle Payne said...

I too have been working hard at waking up earlie this week. It's not easy when you have to sleep with someone that snores like a bear each night.

My happy color is yellow. You are welcome to borrow it any time.

Heather said...

I was thinking yellow -- Sunshiney!

Amy McCarty said...


I'm thinking Vanilla White. Sometimes boring is good!

Why are things so nuts in the
morning? I thought I would miss that having boys.

By highschool they are the same as girls.. taking forever to pick out
clothes, fixing their hair etc.