Monday, January 15, 2007


The message a church this morning was on blame. Hummm...feel like it's suppose to mean something. There was a whole bunch of stuff rolling around in my head, but not sure what it all means. The survey given in church, was an eye opener for me. Seems I'm pretty hard on myself, and others. Can't change or fix any of that, but I can certainly try from this day on to not be like that. Seems Dave said that's not all that easy to do. I suppose if God wants a change in me he'll make it happen. Warren Barfield sang this morning. Not sure if that's why the entire city was at my church today, or what. But that place was off the hook. I mean granted when you attend a church where the potential turn out can be 6000 or so, it's going to be rather crowded, but this morning, was insane. Traffic to get in, traffic to leave, people traffic in the place, no where to sit....guess that's a good thing at church huh?

I scrapped yesterday. Did 4 pages. It felt good to be creative, I can't say I was the best company with the mean purples and all, but it helped me come out of it a bit. I am starting to feel better. Mean Purples.....I kind of like's a combination of the mean reds and the blues. Hummm....interesting concept don't ya think?

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