Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blankets for Perry

Ok I hope to go "live" with these on ebay tomorrow. If all goes as planned except, I had really planned for a cool photo shoot of the blankets on the clothes line with Perry's cute face peaking through. It appears the weather isn't cooperating. So hopefully tomorrow or I'll just do more pictures like this one. I hope to get $20 a blanket on e-bay. They are 54"x44", one side is flannel the other cotton. My mom sew'd them. They are bigger than a recieving blanket, but perfect for a baby blanket. Plus they are big enough for an adult also. These are perfect to take to summer camp, or for kids who are in preschool and have to have a naptime blanket. I have many that I use all the time. This one's up for grabs if anyone wants it $20 plus shipping unless you are local then I'd just hand deliver it. I hope to make a decent amount off them to offset Perry's tuition cost for Springer School.

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Julie said...

Very cute!! I like the idea of Perry peeking out from behind the blankets - you gotta appeal to people's hearts & one look at Perry's face and it'll be sold!

Heather said...

What a great idea! I hope you do really, really well with this!!

Jodi said...

I think Heathers girls would love blankets! Or maybe they could share one. I'm just saying.