Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scrappin Shout Out

So what is it that happens to you when you give birth? Does it trigger the ADD or what? Before I had a child 8 almost 9 years ago, I could read a book. I was a slow reader like it once took me a whole summer to read Jurrasic Park, but I'd read a book from cover to cover. Now unless it's written in short choppy chapters, with lots of pictures, I can't finish a freakin book. Last book I read from front to back was Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, which was a year ago. Quite an inspiring book, and was broken down in very short choppy sections, and it had pictures. Perfect for someone with ADD.

Can not wait till friday, scrappin with my peeps, and Archivers. Yes I know it's the big bad meany of all scrapbook stores. But they have comfy chairs, nice tables, they have decent catered food, and I've hooked up quite the posse to attend with me. Stacie's in town, so she said hey lets scrap at Archivers Friday I mentioned it to a few she knew, then Archivers had to put someone evil on the phone with the pregnant friend, and not be helpful as far as table assignments. (so gay) So then I called in reinforcements so that we'd have a big ole gang hanging out on Friday. I think I got 8 people total to go in a 24 hour period. if folks read this, maybe more will come. We get a tad bit obnoxious sometimes when we all crop together. We are sarcastic, sometimes a bit...hee most of us have been scrappin together for over 5 years, so we know stuff and we know how to do stuff so the make and takes aren't all that exciting to us. Plus we've had a few run ins with the Archivers police, we aren't even thugs, I guess they just view us that way or something I don't know we try to be nice. I guess most of us have been annoyed with them on more than one occasion. Cause you'll call up and ask about a product you know they have and they haven't a clue what you are talking about. Or even in the store a customer will be asking about something and they'll get a blank stare in their face, and one of us who might happen to be in the store will be like yeah you got that and point them in the right direction. Anywho, we dig scrappin there none the less, so it's all good. So if you are reading this the Ohioscrapper scrappin posse will be at Archivers Friday night call and make reservations.


Heather said...

I SO wish I was scrappin' Friday night... Ohio is a bit far for me, though! :)

Melinda said...

Is that Curious George the CUTEST or what???

Not sure about Friday yet, will have to talk to the man of the house as well as dig out my mapquest directions to Archivers. LOL :)

Kathryn said...

I called Archivers this morning and I am there! :)

Julie said...

Just don't forget your "lidded cup" that doesn't contain any alcohol!! :-)