Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dude I'm trying!

So it wasn't exactly a healthy day. After my vow to the blogging world, I still had a hard time being healthy. I desperately need to go to the grocery store. Healthy would be a Kashi granola bar, and a cup of tea for breakfast. I had, a couple bites of Perry left over oatmeal (healthy), a package of little chocolate donuts, and a cup of starbucks, the coffee had splenda in it....(healthy), then for lunch I had Ham and swiss (healthy), on a crossant (not healthy) with lettuce and tomato, and Mayo (not healthy), with some fruit salad (healthy). Then for dinner....did I mention I need to go to the grocery. I tested out a scouting camping recipe, made mac and cheese (less milk and butter it normally calls for) mixed in taco meat with corn. Called it was actually good and my kid ate it. Oh and I had a pop with that concoction. So this maybe a little Jungle Jims action.

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