Sunday, April 16, 2006

Holy Days

Wow what a great couple days. They were exciting holy days. It started on Thursday, when I (being not jewish, however curious) hosted a Sedar. Completely ok for Christians to honor some Jewish holidays, after all our Savior was Jewish. This one in particular has a lot of symbolism. The Jews for Jesus do a much better job. But I didn't do half bad.

The Haroset was exceptionally yummy. Thanks to Cyndi and Ben for participating, it was fun. Next year I'll know what the heck I am doing.

Good friday, I didn't go to church although I usually do. Instead I went to opening day at Kings Islands opening day. And listened to my prescious child whine the ENTIRE time, and he'd only ride the Merry Go Round.....ahhhh.....There was some cool new rides that I would have liked to ride, but he was too dang chicken. I went shopping with my mom on Saturday and then scrapped all evening with my peeps. I finished one page and did 2 others, it felt good to get some scrapping done, and have a burrito from Chipotle, (that's what we usually have for dinner when we scrap together). Then Sunday was a lovely Easter. We went to church, and HOLY crap where'd all those people come from. I attend a church that could probably seat 6000 people and I swear every seat was filled. Pretty cool I figure a large number of people were signicantly touched and possibly made a true life commitment to surrender their hearts to stuff right there. The play I'll admit was sort of cool but sort of lame. But the message was very simple yet extremely powerful. Click on message and check it out. Good stuff. You know it's good when you husbands whispering...quit crying and the little girl next to you is looking at you like something is horribly wrong because you are crying. Had she taken a notice at her own mother she would have discovered it wasn't just me! Got to hook up with Stacie, for a photo op.....would be so cool if she got to move back to Cincy! But we'll leave that up to God he seems to know what's best. I do think Liam and Perry would get along great! Here that God? Wow what a fun weekend, but wait it's not quite over. Then we went to Layni's for a nice family dinner. Geegaw was there so she and BC (Layni's mom) could sit on the back porch and discuss ailments, and surgeries, while crocheting things. Layni made a yummy ham she had to babysit for hours.....this is why you pay HoneyBaked large amounts of money to do that for you. She hooked it up though. I made Jodi's Potatoe's top secret'll have to ask my good friend Abby for it, it's in my head but I'm not sharing it's probably a most requested recipe though. We hid 48 eggs just for Perry and Maddie they had a blast hunting them. It's nice when it's just the two of them they get along great and are so funny together. Wow this post could go on record for the most pictures posted. How about a few more....or maybe just one. Oh well would you look at that it's my HOT HUSBAND! This is a candid photo, because any other time I try and get a picture of him he's making a face, so I caught this one before he had a chance. Ain't he cute? He's mine so back off. Ok blog fans, this post should be ranked as one of the best. Hopefully it'll load properly with all the photo's.

Take a few moments and think about what Jesus did for you these past holy days.....he was by no means just an ordinary man.....HE IS RISEN!


Stacie said...

Hey! Was that Avatar photo from when the boys and I were riding? :-)

I'm so glad we got to hang out a little bit while we were there (though I'm not super excited about that not-so-great photo of me -- what the crap is that?!)

Keep praying about the relocation. I'm feeling more hopeful about the whole thing.

Connie P. said...

What great photos you have to share! And, what a cool thing to do participating in some traditional jewish ceremonies. I think that is awesome!

Glad you had a nice weekend. We had a good one, too.

I, too, hope Stacie gets to move back to Cincinnati...I think she'll fit in just nicely. WAIT...does she like Jane Austen? I better hold judgement until I know for sure.

OH, and Stacie...YOU ARE CRAZY...that is a wonderful picture of both you and Jodi! I want to scrap it and I ain't even in it or weren't even there!