Monday, April 10, 2006

Palm Sunday

Wow what a really great weekend. Now the hubby seems to have somewhat of control over the finances, he seems happier. He's still trying to tame me, but I am doing better. I really needed a shoe fix, so instead of getting more crocs ($30) I hooked myself up with a few pair of Old Navy flip flops $2.50, no one really complains about shoe buying when you are spending $2.50, and everyone benefits, Perry got 2 pair and one pair for Ron, 2 for me. Let's blame it on Stacie who's in town briefly, and just the mention of Old Navy flip flops, and my mind was consumed with the color possiblities. It's a sickness really. Ashton was with me for the day yesterday so she got 2 pair too. We then watched Saw I & II.....freaky movies, really good, but dang freaky! We both love a good scary movie. We had 28 days later too, but didn't get to it. Not sure I can watch a Zombie movie alone. Ron won't watch it with me, (he's a big scaredy cat). So another scary movie night is in order and soon. One good thing about having a 12 year old over with nothing really for her to do. Oh and she is like her mom and likes to clean. She likes the end result, yeah I don't get that sickness really, so you just gotta use it to your advantage. Perry's room was off the hook, and had been for sometime. Couldn't see the floor and the it was become a walking hazard. So I threw out a price and she was all over it. She did a clean sweep extreme makeover.....Perry was over joyed and she did an awesome job. Oh and for all the Curious George/Jack Johnson fans, not to worry, I'm going to leave them up for a while because I too love them, they make me happy.


Heather said...

Send Ashton my way!!

Connie P. said...

Ashton can make some serious cash at my house!

Oh, and I LOVE GEORGE!!! We saw the movie, which was fine, but I was too busy enjoying the fine tunes throughout the whole thing.

That may just be the first album I download from itunes!