Sunday, August 01, 2010

The World Sucks!

mail art project 1, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

First off Perry and I are involved in a mail art project this summer that we are hopelessly behind on. We've mailed our first project. This one is mine if you click on it'll take you to Perry's. At this rate we'll still be working on mail art well after school starts but that's ok.

I thought it was just me until other people were having the same sort of rant. People are just generally self absorbed. I am sure I have my moments, but some folks are just flat out's as though they are completely unaware that there other people in this world besides themself.

Working in customer service you encounter all sorts of people and it ain't just work it's observing everyday life and my surroundings. PEOPLE ARE FREAKIN SELFISH AS HELL! That was last week tomorrow starts a new week and after coming off of 3 days of Cincykids, where I watched small kids learn to be selfless....and serve others.....I've decided to give the world another chance.

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