Sunday, October 03, 2010


Say what you want about a mega church. I personally love it, and it's all I've known for 22 years. Well not necessarily all I've known as I went to 2 churches almost every sunday for many years until the early 90's. When I first started going to the Vineyard in 1988, I was in college, and this dynamic guy (Steve Sjogren) came to our BSU (Baptist Student Union) meeting on a Tuesday. We did bible study on Tuesdays during lunch. Tanny our president already was attending his church and invited him to come and share with us his vision.
He came, I went with my cousin. And the rest is 22 years of history. For a few years I attended the methodist church I grew up in and the Vineyard. Eventually I attended just the vineyard. My first our reach was called a Big Fun Bus Run, where there was shelves for groceries built into an old school bus. We bagged up some groceries and delivered them door to door in Lincoln Heights. We offered to pray for folks and they accepted. It's shockingly easy and it worked.

So I called up my cousin Susan and say hey lets go check it out. When I started attending the Vineyard (called Vineyard Christian Fellowship) There was close to 100 folks at Diamond Oaks, it quickly grew to 300 there I believe and just kept growing steadily, we are now at over 6,000. It was overwhelming to see all that God has done with everyone all in one place.

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