Friday, February 12, 2010

I'd like to take a moment and complain.....

So my beloved Switchfoot is coming in Concert in the nati, during my birthday month. Heres the problem, actually there is quite a few.....first of all see the awesome pictures below of my beloved Switchfoot, from someone who got to see them in concert recently.....LUCKY. Ok the problem. The one friend who appreciates them as much as I do, will be attending a retreat that weekend, and probably won't be home in time.....yeah retreat....used to do those too, then something happened and I just don't scrap anymore! Yeah I said it, often consider scrapping, think about scrappin....might sit at my scrap table, but haven't scrapped a page probably in nearly a's awful I know. Ok so back to Switchfoot......1. It's at the Underground, which is a nice place, it's just not all that big, and it's no seats (dang I'm old), and it'll be full of teenagers. Enjoyed them the most at The Newport in Columbus, and we have places like that here why not go there? 2. Tickets are $25 to $35, WHAT THE? Seriously I love them...and would pay this much, but come on seriously, that's a big increase from when I saw them before....well not huge but I think the most I paid was $20 and what's it mean $35, it's general seating.....does that come with a backstage pass. 3. I ain't going alone...that's just lame. So this is a PSA, if you LOVE....not moderately like, as in you've heard a song or 2, LOVE as in you own all their songs and they are loaded on your ipod and you know the words. Gimme a hollar......I'd hate to miss this concert since Hello Hurricane is an awesome album, and Switchfoot is my favorite band, and MARCH is my birthday month, I see no other reason! Being a grown up sucks sometimes for real!

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