Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've lost my Mind.....literally

Ok so my weekends activities included going to dinner and my former boss's house in Indiana with a couple of my co-workers. It was lovely and we had a good time talking about how wack many of my co-workers are. Sorry folks if you actually read my blog, which I don't think you do, but the majority of you are straight crazy. So while at said grill-out/dinner to-do, I was telling a story about some of my previous employment. And couldn't remember when this employment was, as in COULD NOT REMEMBER YEAR, TIMEFRAME, was a little scary. So yesterday we went to another grill-out, this one was with the fam, at a previous co-workers house (Kings Island Peeps for those who know my life) and again we were doing a little bit of "remember when" and there was a lot of people whose names I couldn't remember......Decided on the way home....sweet Jesus, I must be dying. Seriously people, I have a mind like a steel trap, I remember faces, names, people I may have briefly ran into in 10th grade and spoke two words to. I'll see someone like that at the grocery store and I'll be like that's so and so and they used to do such and such.....for real.

So it's now time for what I'd like to call Operation Brain Stretch! AKA Sexton's Read! Perry's reading a chapter book about WALL-E, so far he's completed 3 pages...not bad for one day. Ron's reading some book about Zombie Wars....stimulating I'm sure. And I'm reading a book about......ready........HOW KORN FOUND JESUS.....that's right you heard me. It was either that or a book by Fannie Flagg, which I've read a few of her books back in the day. Ron wanted me to get a book he would read. He said he might read this one, so there ya go.

So as part of the Korn tribute I offer you a list of some of my favorite Korn tunes, for you listening enjoyment. Be patient with Shoots and Ladders cause it's got some wicked bagpipes at the beginning that are awesome....but then he kicks up midway far my favorite!

SeeqPod - Playable Search
My brother will be so proud!
Oh and we must never forget.....

If you listen to none of the Korn tunes you must listen to that one, with Amy Lee freakin amazing!

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Heather said...

I had no idea Korn found Jesus. I always wondered what happened to them, but I figured they were on a street in Seattle.