Sunday, July 27, 2008

Need for Speed

So we purchased an external hard drive almost a month ago. Ron's fear of most things electronic leaves the task of moving stuff to it to me....."hello free-time".....So I've been dragging my feet since I know that moving 9 days worth of music and podcasts to the external hard-drive would in fact take hours out of my life. WHICH IT ensure proper moving of all files and to not lose any of our precious music, a check and re-check had to be done. I am happy to report everyting itunes related is now on the external hard-drive, and I feel the need to lock it in a safe or something. I'll definately feel that way when I move the pictures there....yikes.

Glad to see everyone enjoyed the mail-art fun! I must repeat the banana was not was plastic people. Oh and don't worry if you responded to the previous mail art e-mail there will be something 3 dimensional landing in you mailbox soon, remember the free time....not a whole lot of that going around, besides Guitar Hero must get played!

Spent some time with my friend Connie the other night, we made some ATC's for Stampaway. She was in much need of some adult interaction, a 2 year old and a newborn, oh and the 6 year old, all girls....and the husband was out of town for a week....yikes she was quite desperate for some grown-up time. I'm happy to report she's in better spirits, and looking forward to Stampaway!!! As I am, love the smell of fresh cut rubber.....mmmmmm.....

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