Tuesday, August 01, 2006

God is Good

How is it that one child can consume so much of my time? Other people have more than one kid and their time is consumed, what if I had other kids? I'd clearly be CRAZY! I am reading "It's so much Work to be Your Friend" by Rick Lavoie, I hope this guy is not a quack, and knows what he's talking about, much of what he says about kids with language based learning disabilities is dead on. I just read so dang slow it's taking me forever to get to the solutions. Spoke to a mentor in another district, she was extremely informative and helpful. I just need to either pray, I can either be assertive, or pray that an advocate or mentor will pop up who will have my back in the IEP meetings. I can't help but feel intimidated no matter how much I think I know.

I just don't know what it is that I want? He needs to be challenged more. The teachers need to teach using alternative methods, and not just be a talking head in the front of the class. These kids can't learn that way. I have an appointment with the counselor that works at Springer, he has a private practice so I scored an appointment with him. He's an expert on kids with Language based learning disabilities, hopefully he can be of assistance to me so the big ugly school district doesn't eat me alive and my kid doesn't get lost in the system of proficency tests, and getting money for being successful on those and the kids just become a test score.

So speaking to a mentor. New counselor, I feel like I'm on track....I deserve a much needed break.....good thing STAMPAWAY is next weekend.....yippeee....mucho uncut rubber awaits to be sniffed.

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Heather said...

You are SO much stronger than you think -- you say you are uncomfortable in IEP meetings, and I'm sure you are, but so are the teachers and counselors and administrators ... Just pretend you are assertive (pretend to be me!) and take charge -- you are a strong person!!