Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hug Therapy

Ok so Abby (one of my best friends) says I give off this ultra violet "don't hug me vibe", that scares people. Fact is I'm not much of a hugger. According to Abby I need to be....a hugger. Quite the scary concept to me. So heres the thing, if you are reading this you have permission to give me a hug, when you see me.
Couple of rules:
1. If you are a co-worker, you may not hug me, cause that's just plain wierd.
2. If you are married to me, it's a hug and that's it....nothing more.
3. If you are my kid you can hug me anytime, no questions asked.

Free Hug Video

Ok so operation HUG THERAPY is in full effect.

*This can be canceled with no notice.


sewcynful said...

I cannot wait to see you! HUG BOMBARDMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie P said...

I am the lucky recipient of a Jodi hug. Yeah, it was ackward and weird, but it was must appreciated. I mean, my grandpa had just in, RIGHT THEN, while Jodi was at my house with me. Although, I must say I was still hesitant...knowing her dislike for hugs. Me, I am not necessarily a hugger. I can take them or leave them. Of course, from my child, well, that's another story.

Art Chick said...

I'm not a hugger either - but that's why I gave you a ginormous hug when I saw you last Easter in the parking lot at Vineyard :-) Because I knew it would BUG you! (Ron looked slightly disturbed too, as if he was afraid you were going to smack me.)

I kind of feel bad about my selective hugginess. I hug my brother all the time and it feels ok because we've always been close. My sisters are touch and go. My sister-in-law is someone I really like but I haven't known her as long and I don't know her very well since we moved away about a year after they got married. I'll have to work on getting to know her better. Still not sure if that means a hug is mandatory?