Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mean Reds....

I had a major case of the mean reds today. It was brewing all weekend, but came on really bad today at work, ecspecially towards the end of the day when I'm all alone. Thankfully Abby was e-mailing me keeping me in check so I didn't fall apart and lose my mind, which I suppose would have been ok since after 5pm no ones around to see. I did hold it together and as soon as I got outside, and got some fresh air, they were gone. Not sure what all that means, but hopefully I don't need medicated.

Sometimes I get this overwhelming sense that God is preparing me for something really big. Like right now thinking about how big it could possilbly be is almost too overwhelming so I choose not to think about it. Theres so much knowledge tucked away inside this small (very small) brain of mine it's amazing I can even sleep at night. And it's not just all God stuff, it's Learning disability stuff, therapy for that stuff, memories of high school days, pop culture, music, scrapbooking, details about scrapbook celebrities lives I pick up from looking at layouts, end-time stuff, prophetic stuff, biblical stuff.....good Lord....Life insurance stuff, marital stuff, finanicial stuff, cub scout stuff, it goes on, and on.....nutrition stuff, dog stuff, cat stuff, seriously there are days when I think my head is going to explode. I went and heard some cool missionaries speak tonight, and was thinking the whole time wow this is great information, and prophetic and biblical, but wow I know too much, now I got this burden to tell people what I learned...yet could I ever do it justice and not look like a babbling idiot. God's doing something, not sure what, and why me....but here I am use me....whatever that looks like.

And then theres this....CUTE KIDS ALERT.....It was so cold yesterday but they had fun walking around Kings Island anyways.

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