Thursday, March 03, 2005

Good News Please!

Ok enough already. When you go to 2 funerals in one week, somethings wrong with your week. I've cried enough tears in the past week to last me a good while. A friend had a baby this week, only it was born too soon. It had a genetic birth defect that didn't allow it's brain to grow. So she gave birth to baby James, at only 24 weeks. He lived for 53 minutes. She said if he was born alive, she'd celebrate that life no matter how long it was, and that she did. There was a beautiful memorial service on Tuesday night. So therefor, Jodi is spent, done finished through! I need some shoe therapy. There seems to be a void of sadness that needs to be replaced with a new pair of shoes. I'll let you know if that happens. In the mean time I could use some good news please!

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Stacie said...

Um. I got nothin. Sorry.

But I'm praying for you. And Baby James is in a much better place (regardless of how lame that always sounds). Praying for your friend also.