Wednesday, March 30, 2005

C is for Cool......

Of which I once was. All having a blog and all. Then all these famous scrappers discovered blogging. And frankly they are way cooler than I, so now I don't feel quite as cool as I once was. But honestly I'm fine with not being cool, I'm 36 years old, if I'm not cool now I may never be cool. Who cares anyways.......but I had a blog first!

CD's- I got 2 new ones this past weekend, first it was Prince-Musicology why did I buy this, the reviews say it all. He'll never do anything like Purple Rain ever again. I keep giving it another try, and it still only has like 2-3 good songs and that's it. Then at the recommendation of some other people's blogs I checked out some Sting- Sacred Love I decided to get it since it had been recommended by respectable folks then the lyrics were quoted during Easter Sundays had to have it. It's really really good, and I've never been much of a Sting fan.

Cleaning- man I hate to clean. But it has to be done. I can't live in a messy house forever. So this weekend it's time. We are going to spring clean! So look out stuff getting thrown out.

Crazy- My schedule is starting to look crazy for April. Just when I thought it was wide open stuff keeps getting scheduled. It's fun to be busy, but sometimes I like to just veg and not have to do stuff.

Ok sorry my blogs been lame lately. No one has posted anything for C in the comments, once that happens I'll move on to D! So come on people surely somebody has something to say!

Comments- Yeah I got lots of love for Melinda and Stacie, but they can't be the only ones showing me some love. The cool scrapper blogs get like 10 or more comments per post. Told you they were much cooler than I. (said in a whiney Napoleon voice)


Melinda said...

C is for CRUNCHES of which I am doing once again. It's in a desperate effort to look CUTE and CUT for the military ball on the 16th.

C is also for CHARLES as in the Ray Charles whose CD, Genius Loves Company, is truly COOL.

C is for COMMUNICATION, the discipline by which I make my living for now.

C is for CHILDREN. I'm especially fond of mine. :)

Stacie said...

C is for cookie (that's good enough for me).

Leah Yourstone said...

C is for COUSINS! So, now can you stop with the guilt evoking comments! Yes, I admit, I read and never comment. I'm a bad, bad cousin. I'll try to be better. Maybe I'll get a blog so I can make you feel guilty too.

Aimee Stoner said...

Okay, Leah took my comment, I was going to say C is for cousins too!! Leah emailed me your blog site, and I just have to say it is very cool. I love this little peek into your life!! You are so funny! (and creative)
Your long lost cousin