Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ahhhhhhh......hee hee the weird noise Napoleon makes when he's sighing. Still trying to figure out why I love this movie so much?? Probably because it wasn't funny the first time, but then you watch it again, and you laugh because it's just so freakin STUPID. Then after you watch it the third time, and you have friends who have also seen it this many times or more, and you start quoting it. That, right there is when a movie becomes incredibly funny.

Taking a break from the encyclepedia thing for a momet. Went to scrappin time this saturday, I am in a major creative funk. I got nothing. I did 2 pages and I hated them both. I made 3 cards and they looked like crap. Maybe it's scrappin time?? I need to clean my scrappin table and just make some time to scrap at home. Sometimes other people can just suck the life out of you, and then you just don't feel like scrappin I guess??? Or you just feel like socializing with folks and you can't scrap. I just got sucked into reading blogs, man that can be addicting, but you find cool stuff, like cool music to listen to, and cool books to read. So I'd encourage a little blog surfing every once in a while, you won't be sorry.

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