Friday, January 27, 2006

Meds are Good!

So it's kind of blurring, it was with my camera phone. This is Perry in the soundproof room at childrens. Which I could have got him with the wire earplugs that tested his hearing. So flippin cool. The soundproof room with the window was way cool too. Why do I not bring my camera for these occasions? I do have it to document though. Good news theres no problems with his hearing. He doesn't have bionic ears either. The fear of loud noises is probably some sensory issues that OT will take care of. We've been at childrens the past 2 days. The developemental disabilities area is just a fun place to be. As is the main lobby. Just folks milling around. Tons of fun colorful murals that just make you happy. Everyone so dang nice and friendly. They always gotta be happy so they can keep the kids happy. Love that! This was our last test so now we wait for the psychiatrist to compile all the data, and then we go from there. It's actually been a fun informative process. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Funny.....forgot to give Perry his meds this morning. Thought he'd be fine, since during the testing he was totally focused and did well, but as soon as we left Audiology....well it was apparent something was missing, such as CONCERTA. The humming doesn't stop, and he feels the need to run pretty much everywhere, and he doesn't walk in a straight line he zig zags, and apparently is unable to be aware of other people space. Yes it's exhausting, ADD medication is a very good invention and I LOVE IT! Here is mister super hyper by one of the cool murals, this ones in t he main lobby, it's of the world, and it has movable parts, and a ginormous sun that spins. Thought Perry looked like he was modeling the giraffe here. Ha! Love him so much even when he's outrageously hyper.

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Anonymous said...

What amazing journaling, Jodi. I am so happy about the adjectives you used to describe something that has to be difficult. You love for your sweet son is apparent, too. Thank you for sharing this entry and these pics.

{HUG} (Deal with it. LOL!)

Karen Buck