Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's been quite a while since we've discussed poop, on the blog. Actually has poop ever been discussed here? If not geez, what have I been waiting for. I am not too proud to discuss poop. That's right I've gone directly there. It's DTMT, and today I reached an all time high of way too much stuff. Seems I am always wanting to top the tuesday before, I'm not so sure I'd like to top today.....I am done finished so over DTMT, (until next Tuesday, than it's game on!) So I have enjoyed my time spent with the lovely folks at Childrens hospital, however 3 doctors visits in 2 weeks, plus one more today, for a total of 4 IS TOO DAMN MUCH INFORMATION. I do have my limits. Today's visit was one of those follow up visits with his regular doctor, you know the ones where they say, I'd like to see you back in a month, this particular visit I had hoped we'd already have our results from our evaluations, so it'd be a good time to see him, but we didn't so I tried to reschedule, and he made me keep the appointment. So I went from meeting with the folks at Childrens who block off 4 hours for one visit, and treat you like you are the only patient on the planet they have to deal with, to our family physician who's got 10 min for you to download all the info you've aquired in the past month to him so he can come to some sort of conclusion on how to treat your child. Riiiiiiiight......not going to happen. He up'd his dose of medication in hopes that we can increase his 5 SECOND attention span to maybe 10.....brilliant, I have no doubt that is going to be effective. I swear if he's zoned from this increase, I'm giving up on meds all together. Ok so back to poop.....so my kid apparently has this condition Dr. Green refers to as D3, theres a rather lengthy really hard medical term for it, but nobody wants to know that, besides I can't remember it, and it's hard to say. So he's had issues for, well forever with pooping. I've almost gotten it down to a science as to when it's going to happen. My success rate has been better than previous years. But I'm not always successful, and once you read about this condition, he doesn't know it's happening basically. Trying to get a child with ADHD to sit on the toilet for a long period of time is like Steve Erwin trying to take down a giant croc. So that's where the gameboy comes into play....thank God and it usually does the trick. So anyways today was DTMT, with the added bonus of an unnessesary doctors visit. So he got off the bus, and we ran directly to the doctor, he had time to pee, and that was it. So we get in the room at the doctors office, and I was like gross, there must have been a baby in here with a poopy diaper. Nothing registered at that moment. So the doctor comes in we discuss medicine, evaluations, ect.....and he has Perry jump up on the table. A unnecessary doctors visit becomes suddenly no longer a waste of time with they listen to the kids lungs. And he says "the D3 (he used the large unpronouncable word) seems to be out of control huh?" I'm like not really, we seem to be ok. He says, "kids with this condition will often have an odor." I'm all like defensive and say I think it's that garbage. LOL......he's like "check his pants when you get home." (and then smirks at me...gasp) Suddenly I am flooded with memories of my brother and I as children always taking a bath before going to the doctor so that we were the cleanest we can possibly be, or brushing and flossing before going to the dentist. And here I am taking my kid to the doctor probably bacteria infested and here now he's pooped his pants. Yes that's right he had, and it wasn't pretty. Big kid poop ain't the same as baby poop. And it sure don't smell the same either. I have dealt with poop far longer than most mothers, and it ain't fair, nuff said. We hope to treat this condition properly this summer when we can sufficently clean him out in the privacy of his own home. For now I just need to be more on top of things even on DTMT. Now I've completely aired all, I've reached an all time low with my ravings.....but seriously did you come here on DTMT for some sort of theological lesson? If so, sorry to say you've come to the wrong blog. That only happens on Thursdays, so come back then for something less gross.

*If one of my super cool creative computer savy friends (Stacie) could create some sort of DTMT icon to replace my self portrait tuesday sign, that would be way cool.


Heather said...

I'm so sorry! And what an a$$ of a doctor...!!!

Jodi said...

Yes I was a little annoyed by the doctors comment, ecspecially this was only his second visit with Perry. And after the first I was really happy with him, but today's whirlwind, unnecesarry visit....well....I wish all doctors had 4 hours to spare.

Stacie said...

I've been sick! Rusty's been sick! Sean's been sick! But now? I am back online. I will be happy to create something for you (email me what you want, sister)

You and Perry and the docs are all up at the near top of my prayer list. Hang in there. Children's rocks.