Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Truth Matters.......

Dang it I was home today and I missed it. I didn't know. Go Oprah, she outed a liar. Although that doesn't mean it's not a good book cause it still well written. (I haven't read it yet, I own it as I do many books I haven't read, but my mom read it and assures me it's a great book, I will put it at the top of my pile of books that I am one day going to read on a deserted island.) Why not just write it as fiction and use some of your life as inspiration. Can't you just say that at the beginning. "I used my life for this book and embellished it quite a bit." Reminds me of an episode of Gidget where she writes in her diary about this dreamy kiss with this hot surfer dude, that just didn't happen, but her dad read her diary and thought it did. Fact is the truth matters, and Oprah was keeping it real. I think I'll stay up and watch her at 1:30 am.

Ok if anyone cares, I'd like these shoes. I know they are ugly, but I bet they are comfy. Like in a birkenstock kind of way. I think I'd like the butter yellow, and in a size small, and my birthday is March 18th, so if anyone would like to hook that up straight away that'd be sweet. You'll need to sneak them into the house without Ron noticing since I think he might leave me if I bring another pair of shoes that aren't for him into this house. A GIRLS GOT TO HAVE OPTIONS. Besides when I'm down shoe therapy always brings me up. I'm not down, I'm just saying. One of the best things about discovering podcasts is rediscovering Sean Hannity, a fine american indeed. Just yesterday I was listening to him and he was doing man on the street where they ask regular folks on the streets of New York questions about polatics, admittedly I didn't know some of the questions myself, like that dude who's being elected to the supreme court that's got the democrats flipping out. I know now, except his name escapes me, and I couldn't remember who Bush ran against, in a pinch, John Kerry, I know now, and I thought Condi Rice was Secretary of Defense, but she's Secretary of State.....I know these things now, thanks Sean, but that's not my point. The point is, there was a homeless women they ran into, in her 20's and they put her on the air. Sean show'd such compassion for her, it made me want to go reach out to some folks right then and there (but I couldn't cause I was at work). He asked the women why she was homeless, and she said she lost her job at the smoothy stand. He asked if she had family that could help her, and she said they had their own problems and lived in another state. He first offered her $10 to get on the air. Then he put a shout out to his listener to call in if they could hook her up with a job. The phone lines went nuts. He got a contact number for her, and told the intern to come to the station he was going to give her $100. Then his he told the guy on the air with him he could pitch in $100 too, and he said I'll give her $500, so Sean said I'll give her $500 too. So it went from $10, to $1000 in a matter of minutes. A fine, american indeed.

Almost forgot to mention about Tuesday, definately a DTMT (do too much Tuesday), Perry had his derby practice (Ron went to that), then I had Alpha, but that wasn't all that was going on at VCC, come to find out on Friday and then again on Sunday, Michael W. Smith, or "Smitty", if you are a HUGE fan like myself, was going to be at the Vineyard on THE TUESDAY, to promote his new movie Second Chance. But I had Alpha, and hello I'm a table leader, and it's only the second night, so it's not like I can say hey you know I can't make it cause I wanna go see Michael. Yeah that's right such a huge fan I have a scrapbook page about him! So, as a grown up I did not dismiss my responsibilities, I led my table and so glad I did. I did try and catch a glimps of Smitty inbetween our talk and discussion time, caught the back of his head and that was it, it's all good. You'd think those folks at VCC would have been more sensitive to a groupies needs and had him come in the gym and at least say hi!


Heather said...

Crocs are HUGE down here! Walmart even has a knock off for $9!!

Melinda said...

Love me some Michael W. Smith...saw him in a SMALL, private concert in Tennessee a few years ago. Was inches from the stage they had set up for him. Just him & a piano & wonderful stories about each piece he shared with us. Have loved him a long time. So cool that you do too!!