Saturday, January 28, 2006

I still Got It!

Apparently no one else does. I could be....... HERE......but Ashton (friends 12 year old) is on lockdown (grounded) for bad grades. DAG! And all, I mean ALL my friends are old beyond their years. Except Stacie, problem is she lives in Maryland, hello......kind of far, besides it's Pinewood Derby weekend for the whole US apparently. They're going to be in Columbus next weekend, wonder if I can get a posse together, or spring Ashton from incarceration and go get my party on? Uhhhh....did I mention the Sphere of Fear? Yeah that's right we are missing the Sphere of Fear! Dang it sucks being a grown up!


Heather said...

Poor Ashton!!! :(

Stacie said...

I second that "Poor Ashton" :-P

And I GOT A SHOUT OUT IN YOUR BLOG :-) Not only am I not "too old", I'm amazingly immature. I spent two hours watching HGTV, VH-1 and E! this morning instead of cleaning the kitchen. Which needs it badly. But? I did finally pack up the Christmas tree and decorations while watching, so that counts a little (but not a lot, because it IS the last day of January.)

Layni said...

POOR ASHTON! What the? Did Jo mention that she went from Honor Roll the first quarter to weekly F's & flat out incompletes? Durn right she's on lock down She also has no MP3 player, TV in her room or phone until homework & dinner is done! That's how we roll. Shoo. Oh, & I also resent you saying that ALL of your friends are 'old beyond their years' or something like that. That ain't even right. I told Ashton you said that & she disagreed as well, so bring on the caged bikers! I just went snow tubing at Perfect North last weekend...I'm spontaneous as a mug! LoL