Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Budgeting Update

Well I actually used cash at the grocery this past weekend. You would be shocked at what little you can buy on a limited amount of money. Maybe I just need to be a smarter shopper. Oddly enough I found there was no vegitables in the house. Except for frozen peas....barf....hate peas. Bought them only for Ron. He asked why did you buy peas (which I did a while ago) if I'm the only one who will eat them? Um....why should you be deprived, just because no one else likes the tiny little barf balls. Well he got a veggie with his dinner the other night and I did not. Perry has mastered the skill of getting Geegaw to take him to McDonalds almost daily. Which means the food rations can be stretched's all part of the master plan.

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