Saturday, December 09, 2006


Perry won 3rd place overall in a drawing contest at Ron's work. They had to submit drawings depicting each of the companies core values. Perry chose respect. He drew a picture of his Daddy in his work uniform, and simply said on his picture "I respect my Daddy." cute! So Ron didn't even know we entered. These are for a calender so they chose 12 pictures from the entries to represent each month, and then chose the 3 winners from those. Perry got a month, but we aren't sure which month. But his big winnings was $100 gift card to Toys R cool is that. When he was first told I don't think he was able to fathom the amount of money he won and all that he could get with that. So we went to Toys R Us today so he could spend his gift card. First of all who knew it would be a madhouse this time of year, something about Christmas or something. Well it was like he was on a shopping he could pretty much buy whatever he wanted and was able to purchase lots of things, as his interests are not expensive. Legos, Transformers, Bionicles, Cars, and dragons, he got it all. One of the things he's wanted for a while is an's a interactive fish that responds to your voice and petting. Plus you can plug an I-Pod into it and it'll dance. Not to mention it seems to enjoy my singing too. Very fun. So it appears aliens have taken over my home.

Progress is being made on my holiday to-do's. I've got my Christmas cards halfway completed. I just finished my labels, I just have to print them. Copy my letter and give them a stamp and off they'll go. Ron assures me the budget will allow for me to finish my christmas shopping next week.....Lord I hope so, otherwise folks will be getting a big fat nothing, and nobody will like me. I think he will allow me to make puppy chow (powdered sugar, chocolate, peanut butter on some cereal, yummy goodness), so how ghetto would it be for every one to get a ziplock (generic) of Puppy Chow? Ha! Goodness I hope I don't have to stoop that low.
Send up some words for my SIL's mom she's in the hospital not doing so well last I heard. I'm sure some prayers from many strangers would be most appreciated.

Hug Update: 8 Total hugs recieved since Operation Hug began. Sneak Attack Hug from Connie last night upon leaving Stacie's house at 2:30 am.....we are scrappin maniacs.

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Heather said...

Congrats, Perry! You'll have to post the calendar so we can Ooohhh & Aaahhhh!