Friday, March 31, 2006

My Brothers Fault....

For real. I can talk about sunshine, roses and worship music, and how God bless's me. And then become completely obsessed with a Korn song. I won't be linking them because it could very well be devil music for all I know. Very much headbanging music. This song Shoots and Ladders is off she shizzel...and dude has this super cool voice, and theres this cool bagpipe action at the beginning. And the drums, well they got a super cool beat going on. And he smashes all these nursery rhymes together as if that's the way they were meant to be. Back in the day we would have totally been cranking some Korn in the car, in the drive-thru of Burger King late at night. Doing some kind of headbanging dance, while the drive-thru worker looked on in disbelief. Who's up for some latenight drive-thru dancing, I got the ipod....come pick me up!

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