Monday, March 13, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Was listening to the Mosaic podcast today, as I often do on Monday. I get a little Erwin at least once a week. He's so dynamic and so profound, it's like he's talking about a connection with God, but in a way that isn't overwhelming, just that there's a God, and so therefor this is how we should live our lives. Today he was talking about Jonathan in 2 Samual 14, and about Samuels Armor barrier. Just how well the armor barrier would have had to know him. And that they invested into each others lives, they knew each others junk and in spite of that built each other up to continue to face battle after battle. Good stuff!

" You need to begin to ask yourself who in your life are you investing in? That in that critical moment, that moment where you need help, that moment you need others to join you in the adventure that God is calling you into. Who would look at you and say......?" Erwin McManus

"Do all that you have in mind......I am with you heart and soul." 1 Samuel 14:7

I think after I Walk on Water, it's a good possibility I'll need to Chase some Daylight. And while I am doing that I will also be experiencing, The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus. I am being forced to read like never before, and it's all good stuff.

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Heather said...

It sounds like someone is speaking to you regarding your decisions with Perry... ;)