Friday, March 31, 2006

Weather Talk....

Ok theres a strict rule in blogland, well at least in my own head weather talk unless it's extreme. Here's extreme...........IT'S SPRING FINALLY..........Thank the good Lord, time to roll out the flip flops and wear crocs with no socks. Is there a flip flop dance? There needs to be.

In other not so happy news: Best friend from high school's father passed away on tuesday. Services were on Wednesday, and funeral was this morning. I found out, today at 5pm, much to my shock. Husbands (work together) do not relay information well at all. We've not been that close for years, different interests, different lives, it happens. Theres still some contact, though. I hate that I wasn't there for her in this time. She's attended the funerals of my grandparents, and been there for me, I feel absolutely horrible. I cried, husband felt bad, but I can't completely blame him, us not being in touch can be to blamed as well. Had we been in touch I would have known he had been sick or something. Crap it just freakin sucks. I'll make a super lovely card this weekend and give her a call soon, I'm sure things are a bit crazy right now. And right now I talk about some memories. I'd say in high school he took a hand in my spiritual growth, he was a baptist minister, but we had different views on many things. He felt women should never be ministers of the gospel, I disagreed, and still do. We'd discuss different rules in the baptist church like no dancing, all these discussions led me to dig deeper in the word and come up with what I would believe to be the truth. Holly (my friend) and I once sang "To God be the Glory" in his store front church. He made Holly have a bumper sticker on her car in high school that read "If you died to night, where would you end up?" It was bright yellow with black letters. Lightning struck a tree, and it completely smashed that car. That was a fun time in my life oh so long ago, sorry I wasn't there for my friend. Ha, the only photo's I have of Holly and I are from back in the day, I think theres one of us floating around on New Years Eve a few years ago, but we both look dreadful. These are funnier anyways. Excuse the scans. Good Lord This first photo is from Junior Prom, in 1986, Holly's mom made her Scarlet O'Hara Dress....very pretty. Mine was made by an elderly neighborlady, I picked out the horrible lime green material, and another neighbor let me use her fake rabbit fur coat. UGH.....worst prom ever. My date was a fix up, God knows I wasn't going to score a date with my dorky self. He was a big jerk, and was cropped out of the photo. This other photo I am looking exceptionally dorky with my Guess overalls, a must have in 1986, and both of us in the color peach. Hold up, that's a layered look I was going for, with 2 "Outback Red" 10 button shirts, under the Guess Overalls. I do believe Holly is sporting a Forenza sweater. We were oh so trendy. Ok don't even try to discuss my hair, (it's a bob, and spiked on top???), oh and those huge glass's. Fun Memories, I miss those carefree days.


Melinda said...

So sorry about your friend's dad. I hope you two are able to talk soon.

Seeing all that PEACH brought back memories! It was *the* color to be wearing, wasn't it!? Man, those were the days!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry about Holly's dad!

Jodi -- you and I would have TOTALLY been high school buds!!!