Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good God Stuff

Bono seems to keep popping up in my life. He showed up today at church in part of a speech before Dave gave the message at church. I watched the whole speech. Many say that it was prophetic, I'd have to agree. It's freakin brilliant. Bono saying what is in a lot of peoples heads, is very cool. Bono quoting scripture from Leviticus, Isaiah, and Luke, seems just so awesome to me. Makes me glad I went downtown to serve folks who are less fortunate than me on my birthday. That's not something I'd normally do. I do an outreach maybe once or twice a year and usually around the holidays. I look at it as I serve folks I come in direct contact with everyday. Serving strangers a few times a year is an added bonus. Seems my encounter at the wedding last week sort of indirectly prepared me for what I would encounter downtown this weekend. I guess so that it wouldn't seem so foreign to me. And interesting how all this stuff that is taking me out of my comfort zone is all happening during a time that Dave is doing a series on the poor at church. It's almost as if God really does know what he's doing. So how it all this ties into Perry possibly going to a special school next year provided we can afford it and why I keep thinking about 1 Samuel 14:7, that's the part I'm still trying to figure out, but it seems like it's all trying to work together. It'll be interested to see how things turn out. One of the many cool things Bono said in his prophetic speech, was "instead of always asking God to bless what you are doing, get involved in what God is doing, because it's already blessed."
I urge you to watch the whole speech by Bono, you won't be sorry, it's very enlightening. Ecspecially the part about "Religion often getting in the way of God." Love that!


Heather said...

Bono just gets cooler and cooler!!

Stacie said...

Jodi, thank you so much for linking to that speech. Rusty and I just sat here and watched it and I'm almost in tears. I don't know that Bono would ever be comfortable calling himself a "Christian". But then, neither am I. But I'm pretty sure Bono has God's blessing seeing as how he's jumped right into what God is already doing. Dude rocks!