Thursday, March 09, 2006


As if I haven't cried enough lately. Minding my own business I come across this story about a kid who is autistic, Jason and cried like a big freakin baby. Ironic it comes at the end of my own special needs childs basketball season. Where he struggled to even know what the heck was going on. To think someday after some extensive training from professionals who know what the heck they are doing, that could be him. Or not, but it'll be something else as spectacular I assure you.


Heather said...

That was an AMAZING story and he's now the biggest thing in Hollywood!!

Stacie said...

Thanks so much. The boys want to know what I'm crying about in here :-P

Reading the story, I was ok. A little sniffy, but ok. Watching the video? I couldn't make it. Sniffled all over the place.

The coach was awesome for putting him in the game. The students were awesome for giving him so much applause before he did anything. That was just a good story to read. Thanks :-)

Connie said...

Oh my gosh...I am a blubbering fool here. Never encourage a hormonally charged pregnant woman to read these kinds of stories. It's like a got buckets coming out of my eyeballs.

WOW! What an awesome story. I love that the couch and the team supported him. I love that he felt so special, even if it was just for a short time. I wish more things in life worked out this way. Incredible. God is good.