Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Old Times...

Ahhh yes old times.
Perry: It's so great remembering the old times isn't it mommy, like when I learned how to use scissors. I live to cut things out.
Mommy: Ahhh yes, don't we all. Who the hell invented scissors anyways remind me to smack them!

You people think I'm kidding. The kid draws everything......EVERYTHING.....and then has to cut it out. So if he draws everything, and every waking moment of his life, and then cuts them out, imagine the enormous amount of cut up paper that I am unable to keep up with on my living room floor. It's quite overwhelming really, since apparently I am the only one who lives here and can instruct the child to pick the shit up, or give up and pick it up myself. Does no one else see that paper on the floor??? So now his latest obsession is My gym Partners A Monkey, yeah they go to Charles Darwin Middle school, because a yellow sponge living in a pineapple under the sea wasn't cool enough. Now we have a kid who goes to a middle school full of animals and his gym partners a spider monkey. Did people ever have gym partners anyways? Ok so he's drawing these characters off, and I say "please don't cut those out....please.....I'm begging. So he's able to hold off, for oh say 15 min. I turn my back for 5 min, and he's got the freakin his room with his scissors cutting away. Ahhhh.....but then he comes in and says "Mommy I got something to tell ya, don't be mad......I had to cut out my pictures. But look I'm throwing away the scraps." So I'm putting him to bed, and he says, "ahhh come on mommy, show me a smile, you know I live to cut stuff out." I do not make this stuff up, it's my life! I will someday soon accumulate a pile of these lovely paper creations and take a picture for the world to see.


Julie said...

You know that saying about when you die will anyone care that your house was clean, etc. But they will remember that you were important in the life of a child .... let him cut till his heart's content! He'll LOVE you for it! :-)

Melinda said...

My sister used to cut and cut and CUT. She could literally sit for HOURS and cut out things from the JCPenney or Sears catalogs that were as big as phone books.

She also used to take hole punches and punch out ALL different colors of tiny circles then INDIVIDUALLY glue them to pictures she'd drawn or pictures in coloring books.

I really can't say much to M1 when she goes craft crazy as I (blushing) am messier than her most days! LOL

Stacie said...

Jodi, I've seen Perry's work and that kid can draw!

Save those paper scraps, they may be worth something some day when Perry becomes the next Picasso :-)

Teresa said...

Fish have to swim, birds have to fly and Perry's has to cut....LOL! It sounds like he takes after his artsy mother.

Linda said...

Those are wonderful pictures and they are soooooo imortant to him. He carries around his people. I was getting worried that he was making friends.....literly; but when I said "don't forget your friends he told me "Geegaw those are just pictures."
I asked him if he wanted go to the Fitten Center this summer and take drawing lessons and he said "No, I already know how to draw".
I love scraps on the floor. At my house you don;t even notice them because there is go much other stuff on the floo.

Connie said...

Awwww...this is what makes Perry so special. I can just imagine those conversations. How can you NOT love the cutting after he is so honest? He literally LIVES to cut. So cute!