Sunday, March 12, 2006


Ok so my husband is giddy with excitment because he's on vacation all week, and theres a good possibility a week or so after his vacation he'll be going to day shift. DAY SHIFT?? Holy crap life as I once knew it is soon to be over. He's been on night shift for 10-12 years! I'll have to share the bed, I've been sleeping alone all these years and now? We'll need to get us a king size bed so it'll still seem like I'm sleeping alone. LOL It's actually a really good thing. It'll be a chance at a normal life. My house might actually get cleaned. He's already started. Last week he did the computer room which had become a catch all when we cleaned the rest of the house, that and our bedroom. Today, while I was out with my dad birthday shopping he started on the bedroom, and found shoes I ain't seen in like 2 years. I do wear all these shoes, at least I did when I knew where they were 2 years ago. With a hardwood floor things get pushed around so easily. So they slide further and further under the bed till you forget they even exist. I forgot how cute those pink flip flops were. Just in time for spring.


Stacie said...

I like those red slip-on's with the white stripe! Our bed only swallows Old Navy flip-flops for some reason (maybe they taste better than the rest?)

Ron going to days was something you guys were hoping for, wasn't it? I'm still praying. And? YAY FOR YOU GUYS!!

Linda said...

Last week when I had Perry and you were at Alpha I said "let's clean your room when we get home" He said let's clean Mommy's room, that would make her happy. But don't touch her shoes. Now how could anyone clean your room and not touch your shoes. As you could tell I gave up just at the thought.

Fashion said...

Why did you through all your old shoes????????Will you go to buy wolverine shoes??????????Marvelous blog..!!!!!