Saturday, March 11, 2006

Upwards Basketball

The season has come to a close, with a fabulous awards ceremony at Fairfield High Schools Arena. What a fabulous Basketball program. A lot of hardwork goes into making this program a success. Posted by Picasa

The coaches did a great job teaching the boys sportsmanship and what it means to be Christlike. They had a speaker, Terry (Lewis I think) used to play for the Bearcats, during their final four days. He gave a great talk that was beneficial to the kids and the adults. The boys got a certificate, a coin, and a basketball.

Ron and I then went to his friend from works wedding reception. I am going to attempt to describe the experience without sounding like a snob.....ok....lemme see...Someone did comment the other day that they like my blog because I am raw and honest. WARNING: I AM NOW GOING TO BE RAW AND HONEST, AND I SWEAR TO YOU I AM NOT A SNOB.

I would not consider myself classy. Not at all, I mean I've been in my fair share of 8 weddings, including my own. All of which were fairly fancy affairs, probably the least classy wedding I was in was the one that had the reception at the VFW, and everyone got liquor'd up on Jagermeister, and many ended up going home with strangers, (ok so the last part was a bit of an exaggeration), however that was probably the most fun wedding, since it was all our college friends. Last year we got invited to 2 weddings both of which were fancy affairs, one of which could have been on TLC's a wedding story. Ice carvings, shimp cocktail bar, good food....nice dancing, place get the picture. Heck we had a pretty fancy affair ourselves. So why is it this year....well....not so fancy. There was the wedding just before Christmas, where apparently leather was the dress code and no one told us. Then today, I'm not sure what was going on. This reception was at his friends house that he rents in Hamilton as in Lindenwald...(locals will know what I'm talking about) Beer, and Big K pop were the beverages of choice at this fancy affair, iced down in beat the hell up coolers, help yourself cake....meaning cut it your damn self, a bride who was yelling at her kids and at one point called one of them a crackhead......and Ron asked, "Why didn't we bring Perry?" I think he was serious. All that being said, Ron was the only friend from work who show'd up. Sad but true. Now granted it wasn't the most comfortable I've been at a reception, (this seems to be the trend lately) But if I have to endure 45 minutes of WAY out of my comfort zone type people to show a friend I got their back well I'm going to do it. Ron and I had a good discussion about it when we left to go to Starbucks (cause dude owe'd me after that nightmare). He said it kinda sucked that no one from work came, and he had considered not going too. But was glad he went. After thinking about it, I was glad we went too. I mean they ain't my people, and I doubt we'll be hanging anytime soon. But I know it meant a lot that we show'd up, you could tell. Although they didn't know what to do with us. The only thing they could say to us was, "So how's it going?" We have decided from now on if we get another invite, we'd like it to have a picture of the reception hall, picture of the other guests who will be there, and a sampling of the food. Just so we know what to expect, we'll show up, cause we are those kind of people. All the stuff you send with the invite will determine the amount of time we will stay at your affair.

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Stacie said...

Ha HA ha ha ha ha. But it really was nice of you to go :-) Good job, Ron and Jodi!