Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Interesting thing happened during a huddle on Sunday. Huddle= leader meeting in vineyard terms. Someone shared about praying with confidence. And not just ask God for things, like a whole bunch of "I wants", those are kind of lame anyways, but if we know it's something that God might grant us, say like financial freedom, or healing or, someone to have a good God encounter, we don't just ask but we thank God for it already happening. Yeah I know sounds kind of nutty. I'm not saying, you should be all like ......"thanks God for hooking me up with a million dollars.", that's just freakin arrogant. You get what I'm saying, and there was actually a verse that went along with it, but I'm lame and can't remember it, so if any bible scholars are reading this leave the verse in the comments. So I tested it out, and wasn't even really thinking about it, I was just casually praying. Casually, meaning just doing my routinely lame praying in the car. I wasn't all on my face in the prescence of the Holy spirit praying I was just chillin in my car chatting. That's it. I just basically said, thanks God for taking away my worrys about our finances. That was it and I didn't give it another thought. Seriously what happened over the next few days was a little painful for me but nothing short of a miracle. My husband began to budget our money. Yes, I too was in complete shock. Not only did he budget he's got a plan that's going to last well into the summer that will give us a nice cushion so that we ain't broke all the time. Now heres the painful part. I get $20 a week for spending money. GASP.....So I am thinking of all sorts of ways to scam money. Like shopping at Aldi's for groceries which means whatever I save on groceries is mine to keep, and that means extra spending money. Except folks at Aldi's are a little bit scary. Seriously I'm not a snob, but sometimes folks can be scary. But heck 25 cents for a can of greenbeans, might be worth some scary folks. Ha! I'm totally kidding I ain't that broke. I've been there, and sometimes namebrand foods is just necessary! Oh so back to the reason for all the money nonsense.....that was from a teeny tiny prayer. I've been married for 15 years and this is the first time he's ever taken an interest in our finances. Hummm.....something happend....it's called DIVINE INTERVENTION. No telling what could happen if I fasted along with my teeny tiny prayer.


Melinda said...

I'm betting you'll be surprised how creative you'll get with your $20. :)

I took a look at my school schedule that begins in May and I think I should start thanking God for allowing me to live through it...literally.

Another great post! Good luck with the budget!!

Heather said...

Jodi -- I LOVE my Aldis! And, it cut our grocery budget to $120/month from $400/month!!

Stacie said...
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Stacie said...

I didn't remove my comment, dang it! I said:

When is your birthday? And I'll have to send you some fun birthday money. But it sounded more original the first time :-P Stupid internet.