Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I don't know if it's my worklife trickling over into my homelife (honestly that's never happened) or if it's just that time to be completely overwhelmed. Work is crazy busy. I think since it's now been open a month, the fact that a lot of people have no clue what the heck they are doing it catching up to my department and we are feeling the heat. For the most part people are super nice and super patient. But then there are the few who expect you to give them so much to compensate for our screw up. Or the people who really don't have a problem yet want to create a problem so they can get free stuff....come on as if we don't smell you coming! So that's work, and because of work and wierd retail nonsense hours, my house is a "hot mess"! And I've been slacking in my committee chair duties because I can't be at anything cause I am always working when the world is living their lives. So I found this song by David Crowder, and if I close my eyes and just listen, God makes me feel so much better. He knows my needs and rarely gives me more than I can handle. He does however enjoy stretching my limit a little bit more all the time.

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Stacie said...

Yeah, unfortunately that's why I would suck at customer service. I think I'd have a hard time giving people the benefit of the doubt when I felt like they were just trying to get something free by doing some extra complaining.

You must have a gift :)