Sunday, April 06, 2008


I requested on Facebook the other day..."can it please be spring already?" And's spring! What a fabulous day! The new Student Union is now open at church and we walked over to check it out after church. Made me excited for one chance to act like a teenager for a few days and then get on with my life. Something else cool I discovered today, you can go get your "wig busted" and help drill a well. I could use a haircut, but I doubt the man would fork over the dough for me to go get my hair did, that just happened about a month ago, and I've had to spread those things out to like every 3 months, to the point that my hair pretty much look ridiculous...otherwise I'd have to go to Great Clips, don't even get me started!
Other things that bring happiness. The magnolia tree in the front yard is blooming. Perry being
Not much of a dare-devil did not climb up there, Ron had to place him up there.

When I was his age you wouldn't have been able to keep me out of that tree. He did get daring at Harbin Park last spring and was climbing a small tree and fell, then I knew that was it. Although this even he and Daddy road around the block, he on his Big Wheel and Daddy on his razor scooter, he asked Daddy to give him a big push, and the Big Wheel flipped backwards, and he scrapped up his back. He got back on the big wheel and road on into "town", (a street with a couple business's near our house, he calls that town), so now he has a cool battle wound.

I think I may have won the battle with the Robin who has been trying to build a nest above my mailbox. She does this every year. This year I decided if she's going to build a nest she'll need to pay rent and/or apologize to the mailman for pooping on the mailbox. She wasn't having any of that and went right ahead and began "attempting" to build a nest. Which I would promptly knock down every morning when leaving for work. Then as I would be getting in my car there she'd be pirched on the outside light starting all over again, and Ron would knock down what she'd done all day long in the evening. Seriously people this went on for a good two weeks, it looked like we had a huge pile of hay on our front porch till we finally swept it up this weekend. She wasn't a very smart Robin since she could have saved herself many trips in search of dead grass since there was a huge pile of it on the porch...duh! Theres a quite a few perfectly good trees for nest building in my yard. The funny thing is one morning after nest distruction I get out to my car and theres bird crap all over it....funny funny...then Ron who is far more anal about his car ecspecially after washing it.....She bombed him too....I think the war may finally be over since no nest attempts have been made in 2 days. We have been enjoying the nice spring weather everyday it's been warm to say the least. I scored a letterbox today on my lunch hour. I won't tell you where but I hear it's the coolest place on earth. And it's pretty much one of the coolest handmade stamps I've ever seen in a letterbox!


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