Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm dumber Now.....

Ok guilty pleasure. If you can even call it a pleasure. I'd like to refer to it as mindless TV viewing. I am happy to admit I didn't watch this seasons Rock of Love from the very beginning. Therefor not a whole lot of time was wasted on becoming dumber. It did not take many episodes though. I couldn't stop watching, because I had to see if he chose the dumbest bimbo I've ever seen on TV. Seems super mean and wrong. But holy crap 5 min. of watching her the nicest person would feel the same way. I will say if I ever am super sad because a hot rock star dumped me, I will say the same thing she said. "OMG...I want to totally roll up in a ball and eat a lot of ice cream...." BRILLIANT!
So will I waste time on watching the reunion show, and see one of last seasons girls beat up the bimbo that was booted this season. Man might be hard to pass up!

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