Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Week

Has been absolute hell. And that's no lie. I prayed for God to be obvious about some things that should never be mentioned on a public blog ask Dooce, it's pretty much why she's a famous blogger. And HOLY CRAP he was all up in my face today. And it's quite clear he's over estimated what my limit is. You know the whole, "God never gives you more than you can handle." what I am saying is. WORK SUCKS.....

Ok there it's out there now can you just pray for me, and that too much Limp Bizkit won't give me a bad or should I say worse attitude. Thanks for having my back!

And in the wise words of a blogger by the name of LA Perry "Merry Christmas Mo Fo." So festive that one!

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Stacie said...

Yeah, our pastor says that saying is a load of dookie. I'm not sure he actually used the word, "dookie" because I don't remember laughing (I would have laughed.) But you get my drift.