Sunday, December 30, 2007

So Long 2007.....

Here is highlights of the year in photo's in no specific order. Just fun photos from 2007. 1. Snownapped 2. Art Open House 3. Longest Hike ever 4. CAC 5. Cincykids 6. Cute butts 7. Camping in August 8. Summer Camp 9. 4th Grade a New Start 10. Camping in May 11. Sweet 12. Hiking in July 13. 20 year Class reunion 14. SWITCHFOOT 15. Hot Husband (which one is it?) 16. Unplanned Twins

*If you click on the mosaic it blows up bigger and the pictures are very clear. I love technology!


paperglueetc said...

hey love your pics, wish I wish smart enough to do something like that! ha....picked my word for 2008 and you have a RAK coming for helping me your address..Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Unplanned twins?!?!?!

ConnieP said...

omg! I forgot that Julie and I showed up dressed alike, even with the same Archivers bag to carry our Stampaway loot!

Hilarious! And, how cool is that photo with the lizard!

Great mosaic!