Thursday, December 06, 2007

Drunk Turkey

Drunk Turkey, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

He's learning techniques I wish I had known at his age. Although I do not have the drawing gift he and his daddy have. His creative drawing class was a huge success, he looked forward to it each Saturday, and folks enjoyed coming out to his open house when it was all over. I enjoyed the hours worth of downtime while he was doing it. So we'll do it again in February. So if you missed this open house there will be another in March. Who knows you may get lucky enough to get a piece of Artwork on your christmas card or framed as a gift. If not the artwork you'll get will be my own in the form of a rubberstamp. If you don't get any of that it's not because I don't love ya it's because I sent 80 cards and you didn't make the list....and I'm freakin tired people.


Stacie said...

Love, love, love the turkey :) Way to go, Perry!!

Kendra "Jude" said...

That turkey is AWESOME!!!!

Heather said...

Hadley LOVED Perry's turkey!