Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yeah whatever!

I'm in the same condition I was in when I posted last. Not much has changed, except now I'm just used to it. Along with work sucking, the christmas spirit has left the building. I know sad isn't it. I made way too many things by hand, I think it nearly sucked the life out of me. It's nice to get raving reviews from folks who have recieved my letter and card.....but HOLY HECK....I'm just flat out crazy. I suppose it's worth it.

We have last minute shopping to do this weekend can't wait. Our last FPU class.....SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT.....thanks for the info Dave Ramsey but some folks are just wack! A pack meeting where I have volunteered to beg for volunteers....like with a speech about needing folks and everything....NOT....looking forward to that. Someone needs to do it and no one else stepped up. Many folks are just burnt out....I'm heading in that direction.

I'll post pics of the Holiday Festivities that happened over the weekend. Good heavens where did all those kids come from? Gone are the days of sipping coffee and having a friendly conversation. Now everyone just talks over each other and no one can even finish a conversation, because kids are masters at interrupting!

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Heather said...

Kids talking over everyone talking over kids? Have you been to my house...???