Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Middleaged Rebellion......

Is middle aged suppose to be hyphenated? Oh thank you spellcheck it does not....I did spell hyphenated wrong the first time. So because I didn't pass LOMA . I feel a little bit like a pissed off teenager and decided to dye a green streak with green Kool-aid. Layni called and said they were doing a streak in Ashton's hair, and did I want to play along? Aside from the fact that at first I saw "Kool-aid" and "Steak" and was excited about experimenting with Lime Kool-aid and Steaks on the grill. Then I re-read the e-mail and was like "Oh totally, perfect rebellion and it'll eventually wash out, I am totally down with that. So Ashton did the whole under part of her hair, pink, and I did the grey patch of hair on the side green. So I sit her with a strip of my hair in tinfoil as I type, and I'll put a dope shower cap on my had to sleep in so as not to get green Kool-aid on my pillow and tomorrow, it'll be some sort of Shrek green. Can't wait.....then I'll get canned and have to work at McDonalds.....sweet.....I know that job, been there done that and with my Shrek green hair, it'll be totally meant to be as part of their Shrek campaign.
So because I didn't pass the stupid test, I don't get to see his Lipness John Mayer, considering I got the "stop spending money lecture tonight", and the failing Loma will cost me $$....unless I threw up one of those "donate" paypal buttons right here on the blog. Except I don't see myself as a worthy charity....maybe John will read my blog, and hook a sister up. We could always wait till the last possible minute and score some already bought tickets off e-bay or ticketmaster, people resell tickets all the time on there.....So if you think you owe me like $50 gimme a call I need the money! Pics tomorrow of my green hair. Ron said um what are you going to do tomorrow if it looks like crap? Good question....probably laugh my butt off. Next I'm piercing my nose.....oh you think I'm kidding?
EDITED TO ADD: I e-mailed John himself sort of begging for free tickets. Like he reads his own mail people.......a girl can dream right? Should I e-mail Ben too?


Kathryn said...

green??? eeek! Only you and Layni would think to use kool-aid for hair dye! LOL!!!

Stacie said...

Kool-aid was the poor college students' version of Manic Panic if I remember correctly (I don't remember a lot of my early college years correctly, though...)

Should you email Bono? Go for it. If he sends you tickets to any of their concerts in Italy, will you please take me with you?! That image of Bono singing (and sweating) in Italian has been burned into my brain for the rest of my life. Oh baby.