Thursday, June 21, 2007

SOS Recap....

I'll need a day to process....I've lost the ability to form a coherant sentence at this point and I am getting up early for work. Couple points I'll need to remember when I do a recap.

  • Mosh pit?
  • crowd surfing
  • Holy Spirit Hangover
  • Prayer Team
  • Jeremy Riddle
  • Poop
  • Old mans armpit
  • 800 Teenagers
  • I'm 3rd
  • Screwed up evil world
  • Healing
  • crying
  • more crying

Ok more on that tomorrow. In the meantime go HERE!

1 comment:

Destiny said...

hello there jodi! (hah!yes! i remember you!) soo i see you are my number one and only fan so far. hehehe. i appreciate the support. i tried the orange and purple kool-aid. purple made me smile lots. it was just so perfect. orange not so much. they stayed in for a while but i think the chroline in my aunt and uncle's pool made my color say "adios" (me: :[) still up for nose piercings?? (me: yESs) oh and i'll take you up on your mosh pit offer :]] MOSH!!