Friday, June 22, 2007

Recap of the Recap

So I was so exhausted yesterday after the chaos I call my life. I had told myself I'll skip out on SOS on the friday.....right......until I had a HORRIBLE.....I mean full on crappy day at work. It was like 2 crappy days in a row. The one before was worse, but to have a crappy day on a friday just doesn't seem right. It was so bad that the enemy I had pray'd for the night before, satan used them to get at me and I basically non-verbally cussed them out. Like not to their face or anything but had they been in my head.....oh man....not at all righteous or loving. So I decided since I was getting off early I had time to go home scarf down some pizza say "hi" to my family tell them I love them, and go to SOS. I needed to be blessed by the the chaos and worship. SOS worship is like no other. They baptized 50 kids tonight....that's a whole lot of worship. I got to pray for a group that had been (all the groups were) together all week, and had bonded, and had changed lives, so much so it was their team leader that got baptized cool. Because of the 800 teenagers that took over our church this week I swear to you when I walked in on Wednesday night the place smelled like an oldmans armpit.....blech!
Ron's like you love that madness don't you. I mearly stepped into the forrier of the south Lobby on Thursday and was instantly afraid of the madness. I told him you wait another 2 years, you and I both will be taking a week off and "embracing the Chaos" all day everyday for the whole week. I can't wait. God is Awesome like that. I seriously have a Holy Spirit Hangover and I'm leaving for C-bus (columbus) in the morning. Not to mention I need to pack Perry for camp....God help me my life is crazy!

Teenagers will fall into hysterics just at the mention of the word's crazy and I saw it happen a few times....wierd.


Destiny said...

thanksss. babies are just little crying bundles of joy...

Heather said...

Poop -- you should teach The Odyssey to 14 & 15 year olds and use the word "Seaman" by accident. It's all over after that!