Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quirky Kids

Ok P started a social skills class at Childrens today. One of the best places in the whole world to people watch is a hospital. A childrens hosptal is even more fun, not the sick kids I wouldn't like that. But the psychology wing is where it's at! Quirky kids are amusing. I know this to be true cause I got one. And a social skills class draws from a whole pool of quirky kids. The ones who are vocal are so cute. I think what I love about them the most is that they are ok with who they are and their quirks and they don't care. If they decide to talk like a robot all the time or a cartoon character all the time they will, and they are completely fine with it. If they decide they are no longer listening to you because they are drawing a picture now, except 1 second ago they were telling you a lengthy story about Ed, Ed, and their world that's perfectly acceptable. (as a PSA...I do not encourage you allowing your child to watch Ed, Ed, and Eddy, they in no way encourage any sort of intelligent thinking what so ever, so if you can at all stop the viewing of any such programing I'd encourage that.) Maybe the fact that I think this behavior is acceptableCould be the reason why my kid needs a social skills class. Man I love to watch people. My apologies to those of you who want to break you monitor now into teeny tiny little pieces. Hee Hee.....I LOVE CHEESE!

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Stacie said...

Holy crap, how did they animate Liam without my permission?!