Sunday, June 03, 2007


Really I am. Just a PSA, Poptarts, cancel out the effects of ADD medication. I apologize to any sunday school teacher who may have been stressed out this morning because of my kid. He's got the cute factor going for him so even though he may have been Hyper and unable to sit still or stop humming through his nose, his cuteness made up for him being annoying. He survived, and I didn't even check up on him. I asked him if he missed me and he said well yeah but I didn't cry about it....LOL....
Church was good today. Sort of what I got from it was, "are you living the daily good christian life daily, as a routine, or are you really stepping into all that God has for you on an intimate spiritual level, and allowing him to guide you through every single part of your life? Wow....think about while I'm studying (or not studying) God is right there with me, taking a shower (wierd) he's a deep sleep dreaming about there. David talked about it in Psalms 139, I encourage you to read the message version it's good stuff. (or just click on the verse and it'll take you right there.)
If you click the link that goes to the video of the message from today, listen to the 2nd worship song. The other worship leader Charlie Hines wrote that song and I LOVE IT! That's the thing I love about folks who have that gift, they write just what is on your heart, or what you want to say but never have the right words. Here's what I could get....

"I want to lay at your feet
all my pain and all I need
in your place let me sing
Help me find one more way to praise

I want to dance before your throne
I want to jump for joy alone
I want to sing because it's pleasing to your ears
I want to shout for all you've done
I want to hope for things to come
You give me life Lord and I lay it at your feet!"

Seriously does that not perfectly communicate how you feel sometimes, so blessed you are unable to verbalize it. Just I'm all misty....and so are you!

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Heather said...

What a great song!!! When's the test again?