Sunday, November 28, 2004


Wow survived another thanksgiving without incident. I had it at my house this year. Oh and the hispanic gentlemen did not show up. All the drama for nothing. I did however hook up a mean thanksgiving meal. My nephew had PB&J, he did that the last time I had thanksgiving at my house. That's just nutty, or peanutty....hee hee...couldn't resist. We had roasted turkey with herb butter and carmelized onion gravy, which at first I wasn't sure I'd like but when on the mash potatoe's and turkey it was way yummy! I'll be making that gravy again for sure. We all had a lovely time, and played Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit.....which my brother was surprised at how much useless information he actually knows. He was the big winner, we ended early so I (reality TV aholic) could watch survivor. Went to bed early, because I was getting up before the sun on Friday to go SHOPPING. I honestly haven't stopped shopping since 6:30 am on friday. I got a lot of christmas shopping done, and got some major deals. My dad went ahead and got me my present yesterday too, a new digital camera....which came with a free printer. So now we have 2 printers hooked up to our computer....a bit over the top I think, but one prints pictures really good and the other is a scanner/copier we need them both. So here we go heading full speed into the holiday season, christmas letter to be written, cards to be sent, presents to buy, party to plan, gifts to will I ever get it all in....????

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