Monday, February 05, 2007


Who said I knew anything about Football anyways? Cause I don't. What I do know about is my new all time favorite show....HEROES....Holy crap that show is damn good. I so did not want Nathan to be Claires dad, but he is and I have no control over that. Dang if Mrs. Bennets not going to get some sort of brain rot for all the memory erasing she's been getting. Poor women it's no wonder she has so much love for Mr. Muggles, his brain is the same size as hers at this point. Mr. Muggles is a dog for those of you who don't know what the heck I am speaking of. Yes I've reached a whole new level of nerd class. Somewhat like some sort of sci-fi geek, but I wouldn't go that far. I've read the graphic novels on the website, read the message board, been to the interactive secret website disguised as Primatech Paper, where you can see secret stuff with the right passwords you find on the 9th Wonder message board. It's seriously out of hand. I am hoping my special super heroe powers will be revealed to me in my dreams....soon....very soon, I'll let you know what they are. I just hope they are special enough I won't have to work anymore. LOL!

Seems that March is National do a whole lot of scrapping month. I got some sort of scrappin to-do every single weekend in March and the weekend I don't I'm going to see Switchfoot.....Oh yes it is my birthday month, so I am celebrating right, doing my favorite things every weekend. Feel free to join me on the 3rd at the benefit crop....see banner above.

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Teresa said...

I love that show. It's great.