Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busy, Busy.....

Ok so on the days when I'm not actually that busy, I'm thinking about the busy that's going to happen. Which can become a bit overwhelming. So how about I just not talk about or think about being busy ok? Sounds good.
*operation hug update: Ok so a long while ago, just before or maybe it was after Christmas, I posted that I should be more of a hugger, not sure why, just felt led that I should be more open to the hugging possibility. I'd then give occasional hug updates ect. Truth is I've lost track, but if I had to guess I think I'm up to about 15 or so. Hooked up with some peeps I haven't seen since high school, and I'm sure I got a few there. But today....Julie planted one on me.....AT WORK, she should score extra points for that. People saw this go down, and I didn't pass out or anything.
Generally hugging doesn't go on in the workplace. I'm pretty thankful for that. I mean when we come in, in the morning you don't see folks going around hugging each other good morning...we see each other everyday theres generally no need for that. Can you imagine? I bet that goes on if you work at a church, considering that's where most of the unsolicited hugs happen from random nonfamilymember individuals.'d be interesting to know if that happens. So church employees if you are reading this (Teresa) keep a log of how many hugs you recieve in a day, and report back. Also anyone else who works at a church....not just volunteer...but an actually you get paid.....if you are reading this give us the 411 we need to know this!
Oh Julie hugged me cause I hooked her up with a sweet hot pink Starbucks Mug as a parting gift, she's freakin leaving me, and moving to the Cleveland area. I could say oh so much more here about the job I LOVE. But vow'd never to discuss my job here. Because that's how Dooce lost her job. So we'll not discuss any of that here on the blog. Remember people as far as your blog readers are concerned you LOVE your job.
**Ok apparently Layni, Cyndi and Shelley don't get how this tagging game is played. If you go to Melinda's blog you can see an example of what you do. You do just as I did, list 3 or 4 quirky things folks wouldn't know about you, on your blog for the world to see. Then you tag some folks who you now have blogs, or you can demand that your blog readers list their quirks in your comments section. Now that you know what to do.....CONSIDER YOURSELVES TAGGED!


Julie said...

Thanks for updating the hug count! I'm loving the mug - in fact, it's about to be filled to the brim with my SBUX this morning!

Stacie said...

Wait... Julie "One of the 100 Best Things About Cincinnati" is moving? Away from Cincinnati?! So sad! Julie, be well and good luck with your move!

Jodi said...

Yeah can you freakin believe it. She gets #51 of best things in Cincinnati, and now she's leaving. There should be some sort of law against that, don't ya think?

Julie said... guys are so sweet! I just need make the Cleveland top 100 now! :-)

Teresa said...

We don't hug when we walk in the building every morning but if you need a hug, people just sense it and they do it. I think that's a God thing. But I do get hugs from volunteers all of the time or I least I give them.